Helping out at the Parkside Sixth Open Evening (6/11/2012)

On the day of the Open Evening I attended a briefing at Parkside Hall at 5:30pm. Afterwards from 6 till 7:15 I was guiding visiting parents and students around the Sixth Form sites.  When I was doing this I also talked to them about the sixth form and the International Baccalaureate and promoting Parkside Sixth as a school where it is easy to make friends. Once I got distracted and almost directed a family to Parkside school, whereas they wanted to see the Mud Lane site. I solved this problem by indicating to them how to get there and they proceeded to their destination.

From 7:15 until 8:30 I helped out at the Modern History stand. I distributed leaflets containing information about the subject as well as describing to the visitors what the course involves. I occasionally assisted one of my teachers in outlining the topics and encouraged prospective students to take Modern History as an IB subject. Overall I was committed to what I was doing for the benefit of the college.

Number of hours: 3 (Service)


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