Holocaust Memorial Day Commemoration

Me, Charlie Steel, Chelsie Stronge and Katherine Bayley took part in an activity which involved learning about the life and work of Primo Levi, an Italian chemist and writer who survived Auschwitz. We had five meetings (lasting an hour each) during the Autumn term and early January with Mike Levy, who was organizing an event on Holocaust Memorial Day. In the end we decided to give speeches about historical context, the life of Primo Levi and on the conditions at Auschwitz described in the short story ‘Cerium’. I chose to do one about context and I did a research on Mussolini’s 1938 racial laws, how they affected Italian Jews and what happened when the Nazis occupied Northern Italy, which took me 45 minutes. Mr Dhesi edited my findings into a lecture. On Saturday 26th January between 16:25 and 17:40 I attended a rehearsal at the Robinson theatre in Hills Road with a delegation of students from Imola, Italy. Mike and his wife Sheila gave me tips to improve my oratory skills.
The actual event was on Holocaust Memorial Day (27th January) at the Guildhall. I came at 4pm for an early technical rehearsal. Afterwards, I went with Mike and the Italian delegation for a reception with the mayor of Cambridge. The event began at 7pm and ended at 8:30pm. Me, my fellow CAS partners and the Italian students were the fourth item in the program.
Creativity & Service: 10 hours, 15 minutes