Fencing workshop at Linton

Today (23/2/2013) I attended a fencing session at Linton Community Sports Centre. It was all about improving people’s parry repost skills. I arrived at 10:10am and then after a few warm up exercises we received lessons on how to do a perfect parry repost. A couple of times we were put in pairs and we practised what we have been taught. During the second time me and my partner (who was shorter and younger than me) had a few difficulties, because we were not sure about what we were supposed to do. I called the coach and I practised with her. Towards the end I had four matches (the last three were continuos and without boxes to count the points). The session ended at 12:30 pm. I certainly learnt a lot about parry reposts and I thought it was worth going.

Action: 2 hours and 20 minutes