Fencing masterclass

Today I attended a fencing masterclass at Linton Sports Centre from 10 am till 12:35pm. This session was all about simple attacks.
We started off with some warm up exercises then we moved on to footwork to improve our lounges.
Our coaches showed how to carry out different types of simple attacks. After each display we were given the chance to put it into practice by interacting with a partner. The coaches were always ready to help me and my partner improve and thus I learnt a few important skills.
We carried on with more footwork exercises and opportunities to practise simple attacks.
In the last half hour the boxes were out and I had a match. At the end I aided with putting the boxes away.
This masterclass was particularly worth going to because I learnt many things about different simple attacks, including how to do a faint to fool the opponent.

Action: 2 hours, 35 minutes