Exhibition about sustainable development

On Monday 28th January I attended a meeting at the Eden Centre with the French Comenius assistant Mr Dossmann and other students who wanted to help set up an exhibition of pictures taken by a French photographer which reflect sustainable development. At that gathering each student selected a specific role given by Mr Dossmann. I chose to do bilingual guided visits in French and English. The meeting lasted from 16:50 till 17:20.
The next meeting was on Wednesday 30th (17:00-18:45). Me and a French schoolmate used this time to write a guided tour speech in both French and English. He and Mr Dossmann aided me with my French and appreciated my good work.
The exhibition inauguration was on the next day. I arrived at the Eden Centre at 17:45, 15 minutes before the start of the event. I helped the other students and Mr Dossmann stick the pictures on the walls of the exhibition room (the study room). At 18:00 the visitors appeared. They were sixth form and French exchange students, followed by members of staff. Mr Dossmann and a French speaking student gave a short introduction. The former in French, the latter in English.
For the rest of the inauguration I gave brief descriptions of some pictures in French or English whenever I was asked to. Mr Dossmann mentioned to me that he thought my French pronunciation was good, which gave me confidence in my French. When the visitors left, me and everybody else put the tables back into place, removed the last refreshments and threw used plates and cups in the rubbish. I went out of the Eden Centre at 19:55.

Service: 4 hours and 25 minutes