Fencing at Netherhall Gym

Over the past 9 months I went almost every Thursday evening to one of the gyms at Netherhall School. I did fencing there. It was a bit overwhelming at first because the vast majority of fencers there were adults. But in the space of a few weeks I felt more comfortable and I knew certain people’s names.

During these sessions I learnt how to fight with sabre. Other people taught me the basics and gave me advice on how to improve my tactics. So far I managed to win one sabre match.

I fought with foil and épée as well. I had lessons with my coach Laura. These gave me ideas on how to improve my foil techniques and proved to be useful.

Once I set up a box on my own so to give more fencers a chance to have a match without waiting too long. Through this I showed that I was willing to take up new initiatives in order to help others.

Action: 35 hours