Helping out at a Year 6 Latin and Ancient Greek taster session

Today (3/7/2013) I helped A.Parker with her Latin and ancient Greek taster session. When sheets filled with activities were given to the visiting children I went around the room asking if they needed help. Whenever they demanded it I aided them the best way possible especially when they received the Greek alphabet exercise in which they had to write their first names, middle names and surnames using Greek letters. During these moments I pointed to the board when they wanted to know how to write letters which were not in that particular alphabet.

The lesson was useful for me as well because I learnt a lot about the Greek alphabet and words deriving from ancient Greek. In addition, I understood that 25% of the English language is composed by Greek words.

A.Parker really appreciated my help. I gained respect from her and the Year 6s.

Service: 45 mins (13:10-13:55)