Volunteering at an Oxfam charity bookshop

In the months of April, May, June and October 2013 I worked at the Oxfam charity bookshop on Sydney Street six times.

I was assigned to do various jobs. Mainly, collecting priced books from the basement and stack them on the shelves of the ground floor and writing prices on books. Other tasks involved placing books that should be sent to the Oxfam base in Milton Keynes and ordering books in alphabetical order. On one of my first days I was assigned to find books on sites like Amazon and put prices on them. I had a problem with this because I have never done anything to do with business before and I put some prices too low. Deborah, one of the managers, showed me how to price according to the edition and the age of the book.

My help was always appreciated and I met people with different age groups and nationalities. I learnt what it’s like to work in a bookshop and it was a worthwhile experience.

Service: 16 hours and 25 minutes