Sixth form council

In November 2012 I became a member of the Sixth Form Student Council. We usually held meetings on Thursdays, but we had one on a Wednesday after school. In December 2012 we sold tickets for the Christmas ball. In the spring term of Year 12 one member suggested the idea of having a poker night to raise money for charity. I wasn’t in favour, but I had to go along with it. We almost had one. However, it was badly planned and so we had to cancel it. In our meetings we discussed other issues such as the conditions of the common room.
In the autumn term of Year 13 we had three meetings. We were supposed to organise the elections for the new student council, but we didn’t do anything so the Academic supervisor was left to do something.
Overall, it was good to be part of the council, yet I feel that we could have done something more in order to make it worthwhile. It will still look good on a CV and university applications.

Service: 8 hours and 32 minutes